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Declaration of Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Through a long-term approach and ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we strive to make a positive difference.

Sustainability is a natural and important part of our business. We believe in a long-term approach to business and a continuous reduction on the impact we have on our planet. Being a personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier, Ejendals want to be a leader in health and safety for all the people part of our business and throughout our supply chain. In addition, our product offering will help our customers to improve their safety performance and protect the hands and feet of their employees.

Based on stakeholder dialogues and value chain analysis, the materiality analysis for sustainability made late in 2021 is still relevant, and the resulting key topics are presented here, along with results and updated targets.

We have selected and decided to focus on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Safety is of utmost importance to us. We prioritize maintaining safe workplaces through proactive measures such as conducting risk assessments and safety walks. We diligently follow up on risk observations and incidents, ranging from near-misses to Lost Time Injuries, to ensure continuous improvement in safety.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond our own operations. Upstream, we enforce safety requirements through our CoC for Business, while downstream, our Safety Concept enhances the safety performance of our customers.

Targets for 2023:

  • Aim for 100 Health & Safety reports (compared to a total of 45 in 2022), preferably focusing on risk observations.
  • Strive for zero Lost Time Injuries (LTI) (Leksand: 0 in 2022, Jokipii: 1 in 2022).


In product development, our continuous focus is on creating long-lasting, high-quality products while also improving environmental and sustainable aspects. This includes utilizing recycled materials and employing design strategies for sustainability, such as reducing the number of parts involved. Additionally, we optimize our packaging by carefully considering the choice and quantity of packaging materials, as well as reducing labeling requirements. We also implement refined production measures to minimize waste and optimize material and water usage.

Target for 2023:

  • Conceptualize 10 glove and 5 shoe models with a strong emphasis on sustainability.
  • These models are scheduled to be launched between 2023 and 2025.


At Ejendals, we prioritize waste minimization in the design and development of all our products and processes. Furthermore, we are committed to increasing the proportion of recyclable waste. In Jokipii, we have enhanced waste sorting procedures by introducing additional fractions.

Target for 2023:

  • Achieve a total waste of less than 175 kg per MSEK (compared to 181 kg per MSEK in 2022).


In 2022, all Ejendals employees received training on our Code of Conduct (CoC). We ensure that our business partners adhere to ethical requirements through a separate CoC for Business, which explicitly outlines their responsibilities, including CSR matters. Our non-compliance (whistle-blower) mechanism is open for external use as well.

Targets for 2023:

  • Implement annual training on the CoC for Employees.
  • Aim for 100% of direct product suppliers to sign the CoC.
  • Strive for 85% of suppliers to undergo third-party CSR audits.


Our CO2 emissions for Scope 1 and 2 are calculated in accordance with the GHG Protocol. Starting from 2023, we will conduct a thorough review of GHG emissions related to transportation and materials.

Our company car emissions encompass the Nordics and Germany, and our car policy strongly favors electric vehicles.

Targets for 2023:

  • Continuously optimize our GHG Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  • Identify additional improvement opportunities within our value chain. Currently, our goal is to reduce air transportation to less than 0.2% of turnover (compared to 0.32% in 2022).


At both our facilities in Leksand and Jokipii, we are proud to utilize 100% renewable electricity. Our ongoing efforts for energy optimization include initiatives such as transitioning to LED lights and enhancing heating and insulation systems. In Jokipii, we have installed a solar panel system with a capacity of over 400 MWh/year since 2021.

Targets for 2023:

  • Limit electricity consumption to below 1500 kWh per MSEK.
  • Reduce heating energy consumption to below 1500 kWh per MSEK, with a total energy consumption target of below 3000 kWh per MSEK.


Ejendals AB & Ejendals Suomi Oy have Certificates for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001
Sustainability Rating: received a Silver Medal from EcoVadis 2022
Product certificate EU Ecolabel for Safety shoes
Product certificate OEKO-TEX ® for Safety gloves
Leather Working Group, LWG-certified shoes and gloves

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