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OEKO-TEX® is a global certification for textile products that demonstrates their safety regarding hazardous substances. These products undergo testing and certification for over 100 different substances known to be detrimental to health. The testing is conducted by an accredited research and test institute approved by The OEKO-TEX® Association.

OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100

OEKO-TEX ® is a worldwide certification for textile products, indicating their safety in relation to hazardous substances. Textile products at all stages of production can receive certification, including yarns, fabrics, buttons, zippers, and finished garments. These products are tested for over 100 different substances known to be hazardous to health. The standards are updated annually to address new substances as they are continually identified as harmful. These substances can be either illegal or regulated by law, or even substances that are not yet legally regulated. Other factors affecting health, such as the textile’s pH and color fastness, are also tested.

Products must be tested and certified by an accredited research and test institute approved by The OEKO-TEX ® Association. Certifications need to be renewed annually, and OEKO-TEX ® conducts audits of certified companies. Additionally, random checks of certified products in the market are carried out.

While the primary goal of OEKO-TEX certification is to ensure product safety for humans, it's important to note that many chemicals harmful to humans also have negative impacts on the environment. Consequently, the certification indirectly contributes to environmental protection.

Given that gloves and socks have close and prolonged contact with the skin, we are delighted to offer OEKO-TEX ® certified TEGERA gloves and JALAS socks. This certification provides an extra level of assurance that the gloves and socks are free from harmful substances.