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Sustainability - Certifications & Materials

Our products hold diverse certifications, including those for certified materials. We've organized this information into sections, making it easy for you to explore and understand the certifications linked to our products.

Ejendals prioritizes robust, high-quality products with sustainability at the core, working to incorporate recycled materials. Our items hold diverse certifications, some with certified materials or labels. Discovering these certifications and their criteria is hassle-free, as we've categorized them into distinct sections. Each section lists products that have earned specific certifications, simplifying your exploration and understanding of the certifications tied to our products.

Sustainable Certifications and Materials

These certifications and materials contribute to environmental preservation and carbon footprint reduction.

Certifications for Human Well-Being

These certifications are dedicated to addressing people's well-being, specifically targeting issues like skin irritation and hazardous substances.


We are happy to share the results of our intensified work to reduce the CO2 footprint and use of water in the production of these gloves.

TEGERA Sustainable Glove Range

Discover the eco-friendly innovation of TEGERA's Sustainable glove range, where sustainability meets hand protection.

Explore TEGERA's Sustainable glove range

More sustainable sock materials

is water-saving material, made from beechwood. The Modal fibre has excellent softness, warmth, and moisture-wicking performance. TENCEL  Modal fibres are mixed with other fibres to add extra durability.


Bamboo viscose offers great ventilation, excellent moisture wicking, and an ultra-soft feel. Bamboo can be grown much more sustainably than cotton, using much less water. Bamboo blends, such as the JALAS 8203 sock, provide a smooth, perfect fit, cool comfort, and superior breathability.