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Ejendals Safety Concept

We provide more than just gloves and shoes, we provide an entire Safety Concept aimed at zero injuries to hands and feet in the workplace.

Ejendals driving motivation is Zero Injuries to hands and feet, which is why we created Ejendals Safety Concept - a concept designed to make safety top of mind for employers and reduce preventable workplace injuries, creating safer environments for workers, and saving time and money.

The Ejendals Safety Concept consists of the following parts:

Ejendals Academy is our educational service where we share our vast expertise and knowledge about hands and feet, and how to protect them in the best way possible. Ejendals Academy holds seminars several times a year for you as customers, partners and retailers. The Academy is led by internal and external experts in safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
In addition to Ejendals Academy, we organise tailor-made customer-specific educational programs.

An important part of Ejendals Safety Concept is the Safety Assessment Service, where we provide on-site visits to support you in assessing the potential dangers to your employees and identify what hand and foot protection would best suit your business and reduce long-term PPE costs.

As a result of our Safety Assessment, the product range and safety solutions that best suits your company and its working environment is identified. We undergo a product testing period with your company to ensure the safety solutions meet the needs of your employees, and make any adjustments necessary should issues arise. Your safety and satisfaction is our primary goal.

We understand that the world is constantly changing, therefore we engage regularly with you to support and make adjustments or improvements in keeping the safety solution optimised for you. Does everything work as it should? Has workplace safety improved? We also ensure that everything works smoothly with stock levels and deliveries. In some cases, our collaboration leads to joint product development and product innovation.

Ejendals Academy

We have our own education centre where we teach everything we know about hands and feet, and how best to protect them.

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Ejendals Safety Concept

Designed to create safer working environments and secure that you and your co-workers are well protected, every single day.

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