Safety concept

At Ejendals, we do not only provide gloves and shoes. We provide safety and security, working towards a situation where there are zero injuries to hands and feet. We sell a whole concept, which we refer to as our safety concept. When we work with a customer, we have a set number of targets: we want to reduce the number of accidents that occur, we want to improve levels of attendance, and we want to reduce long-term costs as quality always pays in the long run.

Ejendals safety concept


Ejendals Academy
At Ejendals we have our own education centre where we teach everything we know about hands and feet, and how best to protect them. Ejendals Academy runs several courses each year, with our customers, partners and retailers as students. The teaching is done by our own product managers and external experts in personal protection. Read more.

Safety inspection 
We prefer to join customers on a safety inspection of their place of business. We look at the working environment and what appropriate protection for hands and feet the employees need. Through inspections we are able to ensure customers that they have the product range their business requires. Read more.
After the safety inspection, sample products are tried and tested. The customer then ends up with a product range that covers the needs of all employees in the company. We help the customer notify employees of the available product range. We do this with the help of, for example, specific company product books and updates to computer systems.
Follow-up and feedback
We hold recurring meetings with the customer with regard to adjustments, improvements or changes to the product range. Is everything working as intended? We also ensure that everything works smoothly with stock levels and deliveries. In some cases, our collaboration efforts result in joint product development.
Ongoing collaboration
We establish personal relationships with our customers, relationships which we both value and nurture. Through regular meetings and contacts, we constantly keep ourselves up to date regarding possible changes to a customer's needs. This is done to ensure that the customer has access to precisely the right range of hand and foot protection.