TEGERA® quality products protect hands in every situation. Special attention to ergonomics, comfort and fit has resulted in gloves with the best possible level of protection that also help people gain strength and endurance in their work.

The history of TEGERA® is filled with success stories and deep insights. The long experience is what gives TEGERA® its strength. The design and development of TEGERA® products have been done in Leksand, Sweden, since 1949.

With an aim to exceed safety standards, TEGERA® delivers superior fit, feel and function to your hands. You can trust our gloves to deliver excellent protection against cuts and mechanical damages, as well as against chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Through on-going product development, in-depth materials know-how and advanced research collaborations, our products remain at the forefront of innovative safety gloves. And they continue to evolve as new knowledge comes to light.

In addition to a long tradition of reliability and superb quality, TEGERA® offers an unprecedented range of work gloves for every conceivable job. Our endeavor is to maintain and develop this wide selection. We do this partially by listening to our users and being attentive to their needs. Our product range is continually growing and improving.

Each glove has its own special features, protecting your hands when you work. Our products have in common that they are high in quality, they are comfortable to wear and they look great.