Time to get your new protective shoes and gloves on for winter?

Then it’s time to choose ones that will handle anything the snow and rain can throw at you – and ones that breathe, to ensure your hands and feet stay warm and dry. Our protective shoes and gloves are built for comfort, meaning you can work outdoors all day unhindered. A long tradition of making shoes and gloves for the cold Nordic climate means you can feel both confident and comfortable out there.

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Whether you’re working on a construction site or within transport and logistics, our protective shoes and gloves are quite simply made for winter, ensuring your job is both safer and simpler. Here we present a selection of our most popular protective winter shoes and gloves. 

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Our selection includes insulated protective and work gloves that are warm and often waterproof. Likewise, our insulated protective and work shoes, offering outstanding slip resistance, are equally warm and come with or without our BOA® Fit System, with several models also boasting waterproof capabilities. 

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The protective and work gloves in the new TEGERA® Dynamic Strength™ Winter Collection protect your hands even on the longest days in the coldest environments. Ideal for construction sites, logistics, transport and sport set in the coldest situations.

Protective gloves in the Tegera® DYNAMIC STRENGTH™ collection



Other popular protective and work gloves fit for winter




The protective and work shoes in the JALAS® HEAVY DUTY Collection have been created for your most demanding workdays, tough working environments and difficult situations. The Vibram Arctic Grip outer sole helps prevent accidents on even the most extreme slippery or icy surfaces.

Boots in the heavy duty collection featuring vibram arctic grip pro outsole

Other protective shoes and workboots


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