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Assortment book

Adjust the front page with year and company logotypes, select your products, add information and create a pdf.

In this template you can create customer adopted assortment books with TEGERA ® and JALAS ® products. Distribute it by either sending the pdf digitally or print the assortment book.

The different parts of the assortment book

  1. Front page
    1. Select a year
    2. Add up to 2 logotypes 
    3. Add text and heading
  2. Introduction page to Ejendals as a company (not editable).
  3. Blank text page where you can add the information you want.
  4. Product listing - add the products for your assortment book.
  5. Last page - add contact information (upper right corner).

See example (pdf)

Note: Check out the more options tab for useful features on the template such as size guides or description of symbols, price tag area or a page for our foot scanner service FSS.

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