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As a valued Ejendals customer, our policy is to ensure that your privacy and information is treated with the confidentiality and respect that the situation requires.

This policy is for those Ejendals has a business relationship with according to Ejendals business. It could be existing, past or potential customer, supplier, partner, participated in an event, visitors on the website or otherwise contact us, for example, as an employee of one of our customers. Below you can read more about how Ejendals collects and processes your personal information.

Where do you turn if you have questions?
Questions about how Ejendals collects and processes your personal information can be sent to personaldatacoordinator@ejendals.com

What information does Ejendals collect about you?
Ejendals collects and processes all the personal information you provide to us. Other sources that Ejendals utilizes to collects personal information can be found under “From where does Ejendals collects your personal information?” below. Personal information that Ejendals processes is as follows:

  • Basic information such as name, workplace, position, work title and preferred language.
  • Contact details such as address, e-mail address, and phone number.
  • Preferred method(s) of contact.
  • Payment information.
  • Technical information such as information about your visit to our website.
  • Information that you provide relating to meetings or events, such as availability of premises or allergies.
  • Pictures taken at Ejendals events.

From where does Ejendals use to collect your personal information?
Ejendals collects information about you and others during the following points of contact:

  • First contact with a new potential customer or supplier.
  • At the start of a business relationship.
  • Ejendals website.
  • E-mail correspondence with Ejendals.
  • Information provided voluntary through meetings, conversations, social media, events or by filling out forms online.

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