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Ejendals now manufactures safety shoes using solar energy

At JALAS safety shoe factory, energy now comes from the sun.


Ejendals and Jalas protects both feet and the planet

In the factory in Jokipii Finland, energy now comes from the sun. 1304 newly installed solar panels on the roof supply the factory with electricity.
The photovoltaic system contributes to several environmental benefits when it is in operation.
The biggest advantage is, of course, that the solar cells produce electricity from renewable energy. No dirty energy sources are needed. Electricity production is quiet and does not disturb. In addition, electricity production takes place in the vicinity of electricity use. It reduces transmission losses in the electricity networks.

Energy on the roof

In the factory In Jokipii, the solar cells have been placed on the roof. This means that no additional land need to be used. Instead, the previously empty space has come in handy in an environmentally friendly way.

The solution for the electricity supply in the factory in Jokipii is a good example of our long-term ambition to reduce energy use and the proportion of fossil fuels to limit greenhouse gas emissions, says Tommi Ratilainen, EHSQ & Sustainability Manager at Ejendals.

The financial investment in solar panels and other equipment pays off in a few years' time. The benefits for the environment come immediately and are lasting.
The panels will supply more than 420 MWh of electricity per year, which means about 20% of the factory's electricity needs.

For more information contact:
Camilla Kuylenstierna, Marketing & Communications Director
Phone: +46 (0) 725 29 9030, e-mail: camilla.kuylenstierna@ejendals.com

Environment and Sustainability

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