QEHS work

We want future generations to be able to live in a good world. We therefore want to limit our environmental impact. We are getting better all the time, but the work is far from over.

What we do right now

  • We impose environmental requirements on those who deliver products, packaging and services to us.
  • Chemicals are everywhere in our environment. In the manufacture of our products, we strive to reduce the amount of chemicals used, and to use the option that is best for the environment.
  • Our laboratories and laboratory staff are valuable when it comes to our environmental work. Without them we would not have sufficient knowledge about the content of the products that we release onto the market.
  • By manufacturing high-quality gloves and shoes, we help to avoid unnecessary wear and waste.
  • We ship as much as we can by sea and rail transport. A container facility near our head office in Leksand allows us to receive goods efficiently and coordinate transportation with local companies.
  • We minimise waste and recycle materials. We are affiliated with FTI (previously the REPA register). This means that we ensure that packaging is recycled when possible.
  • We are certified in accordance with environmental management system ISO 14001.