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Welders - Gear up!

Time to gear up to a new safety level!

Welders get workplace injuries more often than others. As a professional welder, you certainly know the risks and know how to protect yourself and people nearby. And of course, you look over your personal protective equipment at a regular basis.
Choosing the best protective equipment in each area is among the most important decisions you can make as a welder.

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Our protection for the welder's hands and feet is now even better

Next to the helmet, gloves are the most important protection you need. Followed by the shoes.
As you know, protective equipment today is a high-tech science where the products undergo important tests and certifications.
We have the specialised skills in gloves and shoes and can give you the best protection for hands and feet.

We are proud to present our new welding boot JALAS 1228W! Our most comfortable welding boot ever.

The best protection in combination with maximum usability

We know that you need the best protection. We also know that you must be able to do a professional job in your protective equipment.
So, while our gloves protect you from spattering, welding sparks and skin burns, we have made sure that they are flexible, soft and comfortable and have high fingertip sensitivity and dexterity. This is important in welding, especially when you use your skills to handle small objects.
So which is the most important quality of a welding shoe? Ask your feet and the answer is comfort during long working days. Ask your safety representative and the answer is maximum protection in hazardous conditions.
In our shoes, we combine both these qualities.

Flame-retardant socks

Combine the gloves and shoes with a pair of our flame-retardant socks that withstands welding sparks and grinding splash. The flame retardant is encapsulated in the sock and cannot be washed or worn away. You can always be sure that you have the right protection. With gloves, shoes and socks from Ejendals you get a complete, safe and comfortable protection for your hands and feet.

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TEGERA Welding Gloves

Take a closer look at our range of TEGERA® safety gloves for welders here.

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